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Staff Forms

All of your required forms can be accessed through your CampInTouch account. Many of the forms can be completed online, though several of them must be completed on paper and uploaded to your account. If you have any trouble accessing your account, please send an email to and we’ll get you online in no time.

All forms are due on May 1st. If you have a doctor visit scheduled for after May 1st and must turn this form in late, please email Kelsey to let us know when to expect it.

Authority to Release Information

Read and sign electronically.

CampSafe Certificate

Complete the CampSafe training (more info here) and upload your certificate of completion.

COVID-19 Vaccination Status

Complete this form online.

Health History

Complete this form online.

Insurance Cards and Prescription Cards

Please scan and upload the front and back of your health insurance cards to your account. Additionally, if you have separate prescription cards, please upload the front and back of these cards.

Internet Communication Policy

Read and sign electronically.

Passport (and Visa, if applicable)

Please scan and upload to your account.

Physician's Exam

You must have visited a physician within 12 months of camp. Be sure to schedule an appointment today! Print this form and have it filled out BY YOUR PHYSICIAN. Scan and upload it to your account. International staff may upload the same form used by your visa sponsor agency, if applicable.

Staff Photo

Please upload a current photo of yourself.

Statement of Personnel Practices

Read and sign electronically.


Complete this form online to let us know how you plan to get to camp.

Any relevant certifications (ex. lifeguard, CPR, first aid, etc.)

Please scan and upload to your account.

Visa Update

This form is NOT on CampInTouch, but can be accessed here. For staff coming from outside of the United States, please let us know where you are in applying for a visa.