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Perlman Camp Basics

Perlman Camp is an overnight Jewish summer camp located in Lake Como, Pennsylvania. Perlman opened in 1954 and has been providing an authentic and impactful experience for its campers and staff ever since. Below, you will find information about Perlman Camp.

  • Perlman is located in Lake Como, Pennsylvania, which is in Wayne County.
  • The closest major city is New York City, approximately a 2.5 hour drive. We are also located near the smaller cities of Binghamton, NY and Scranton, PA, as well as the smaller towns of Hancock, NY and Honesdale, PA.
  • Wayne County, PA is home to 29 other overnight camps!
  • There will be approximately 200 campers at Perlman in summer 2022.
  • The campers are entering 2nd grade to 12th grade (7 to 17 years old).
  • Perlman’s campers mostly come from the northeastern United States (Washington D.C. to new York City), with the remainder coming from the rest of America and Israel.
  • There will be approximately 100 staff working at Perlman Camp this summer.
  • The staff of 2021 will represent countries from around the world.
  • The staff includes people who are coming to camp for the very first time, to people who have spent more than 20 summers at Perlman.
  • The Perlman activity areas include waterfront, outdoor adventure, athletics, and arts.
  • The waterfront includes the pool and the lake, which has canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, fishing, and our new inflatable aqua park.
  • Outdoor adventure consists of both a low and high ropes course, archery, mountain biking, and overnight camping.
  • Our athletic program covers a variety of sports including basketball, soccer, baseball/softball, dance, tennis, and many more.
  • Arts includes arts and crafts, drama, cooking, and music.
Jewish Life
  • Perlman is a Jewish camp that incorporates Jewish values into our daily camp experience. You will learn more about these values during staff training.
  • Brief prayers are said before and after meals. Additionally, Perlman keeps kosher, which means, in short, that we do not mix meat and dairy.
  • Shabbat, the sabbath, marks the day of rest every week. The celebration begins at sundown on Friday and extends to sundown on Saturday. On this day, we follow a special schedule and there are many fun events including services, singing, and Israeli dancing.
  • Jewish life at Perlman is pluralistic and inclusive to people of all backgrounds and levels of belief. While the majority of our campers are Jewish, many of our staff are not. We believe in creating an inclusive community where everyone is encouraged to learn and ask questions, whatever your personal beliefs may be.