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Who works at Perlman Camp?

Each summer we have a terrific staff. Some of them grew up at Perlman while others found us as adults. Our staff is made up of college students, educators and people who just want to try something different. They travel from all over the world to spend their summers in Pennsylvania. Even with all of their different life experiences, interests, religions and nationalities, they all have one thing in common: a commitment to providing kids with the most positive, fun and rewarding summer experience.

Do I have to be Jewish to work at Perlman?

No. We look for great people who want to work with children. The best staff are compassionate, enthusiastic, good listeners, patient, nurturing, and responsible. We look for staff members who are team players and positive role models for children.

What are the campers like?

Perlman campers are looking to have the best possible summer experience! Our campers are looking to make new friends, try new activities and learn new skills. They are looking to their counselors to help them have a meaningful and memorable summer.

Where is Perlman located?

Perlman is located in Northeast Pennsylvania in a town called Lake Como. We are approximately 2.5 hours from New York City, 2 hours from Philadelphia and 5 hours from Washington D.C.

Where will I live at camp?

General counselors and specialists live in a bunk with your campers. There are typically 3-4 counselors in a bunk with 8-12 campers. All bunks have connected bathrooms and showers, and you will sleep on a bunk bed or single bed in the same room as the campers.

Support staff will live in staff bunks on the boys’ and girls’ sides of camp, respectively.

What should I bring to camp?

Staff members will receive a full packing list in the Staff Packet sent out each year in February. Summer in Northeast Pennsylvania is hot during the day and chilly at night. There is no staff uniform required, but camp appropriate attire is comfortable and allows you to engage with your campers and perform any necessary tasks of your job. Counselors will typically wear shorts and t-shirts or tank tops, with closed-toe shoes that allow you to run after the campers! Don’t forget to pack some fun costume items – neon/glitter/hats/wigs/makeup and more – we love getting dressed up and being silly with the kids! Laundry is done once each week, and counselors will send their laundry out with their entire bunk – make sure to label your clothes!

What is the time off policy?

Staff members will have 5 days off (24-hour period) during the summer. Additionally, staff members will receive one hour off on most days in order to make phone calls, check email, or relax in the staff lounge. Perlman also provides staff recreating opportunities during time off such as pool parties, movie nights, staff tie dye, inter-camp sports games, and more!

Staff members will be assigned to be OD (On Duty) on a rotating basis with your co-counselors throughout the summer. ODs are responsible for staying in their bunk and supervising campers for the entire night. On nights when you are not on OD, you may choose to stay at camp and participate in staff recreational activities, or you may leave camp on designated nights. The curfew for all staff members is 12:45 am.

Where can I go on my time off?

Our staff lounge has satellite television and Wi-Fi, and will be open during your time off.

After campers have gone to bed, staff members not on OD may leave camp on designated nights. On certain evenings transportation may be provided to local establishments, or individuals may use their own transportation.

On Days Off, the most common places to go include Hancock, NY (10 minute drive), Binghamton, NY (1 hour drive), or Scranton, PA (1 hour drive). Staff that are in need of transportation are required to make arrangements in the office at least 24 hours in advance.

Who will my supervisor be? How will I be evaluated?

All counselors living in-bunk will report to a Division Leader, and specialists will also report to an Area Director. As a staff member, you will participate in weekly divisional and all-staff meetings that will provide you with ongoing training and support throughout the summer. Your supervisor will give you a written performance evaluation twice each summer in addition to ongoing real-time feedback.

I’ve just been hired. Now what?

Once hired, you will receive a contract and staff packet, which includes information about all of the forms you will need to submit prior to your arrival at camp. Staff members will be added to the Perlman Staff Slack, where you can start connecting with other members of the team. As the summer approaches, expect to receive emails and newsletters with important information about the summer – including upcoming deadlines, new camp policies, details about where to purchase camp “swag” and more!

How do I apply?

Click here to access our staff application. Once you submit your application, one of our directors will contact you to schedule a first-round phone interview. Most staff hiring occurs between October and February each year.

If you are not a U.S. citizen, you must apply through one of our partner visa sponsor agencies in addition to applying directly to Perlman Camp. After we receive your application, we will provide you with details about how to begin this process.