Kitchen Staff - Perlman Camp
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Kitchen Staff

General Hours – Horas generales

  • Start each day at 7am
  • End each day around 9pm
  • Work 10 hours each day
  • Time off is built into each day
  • 9 paid days off throughout the summer

Kitchen Overview – Descripción general de la cocina

  • Main language spoken in the Kitchen is English
  • Preparing food for 2 groups of people (2 separate dining halls)
    • Some meals are at the same time, others are at different times
    • 300 people in each dining hall
  • Serve 600 people per meal
  • Kitchen staff is made up of 20-22 people
  • Kitchen is Kosher and serves Kosher Food
    • Kosher means that milk (dairy) and meat are not served in the same meal as well as no pork products
      • For example, we would not serve a cheeseburger, because there would be cheese (milk) with the burger (meat)
    • All food prepared in the kitchen for service and for yourself must be Kosher

Kitchen Responsibilities – Responsabilidades de cocina


Every day you will be responsible for helping with the following. Tasks will be assigned by kitchen manager and sous chefs throughout the summer and may include, but are not limited to:

  • Serving food
    • Handing out dishes table side
    • Refills
    • Dietary needs
    • Cafeteria line for seconds 
  • Food preparation
    • Cutting 
    • Assembling – putting together things such as sandwiches
    • Chopping vegetables for the salad bar
    • Preparing for service – plating food
    • Frying 
    • Grilling
    • Flat top grill
    • Stirring pots of food 
    • Beverages – Hot and cold drinks
    • Baking
  • Cleaning 
    • Daily 
      • Dish washing with industrial dish washing machine
        • Pots, pans, plates, sliverware, serving dishes, etc.
      • Sweeping and mopping – kitchen and dining halls
    • Periodically
      • Deep cleaning of kitchen
      • Deep cleaning of dining hall
  • Other
    • Preparing the dining hall for service
      • Bringing out dishes and silverware
      • Putting out salad bars
      • Putting out beverages
      • Putting out fruits, breads, and other constant items 
    • Supply Maintenance
      • Unloading delivery trucks into fridges, freezers, and basement areas
      • Moving boxes from the basement up to the kitchen and dining halls
      • Stocking and organizing pantry

Accommodations – Alojamientos

  • Living in a shared living bunk with 10-12 other kitchen and housekeeping staff of your same gender
  • Shared bathrooms and showers located within the bunk 
  • Bunk beds 
  • Camp provides bedding, towels, and a pillow 
  • Individual cubbies within a shared space for storage of items 
  • Laundry
    • Off site laundry service provided by camp
    • Washers and dryers are available for use if needed
  • Food
    • 3 meals a day and snacks are provided by camp at no cost to you 

Staff Life -Vida de personal

  • Staff lounge for use during time off 
    • TV with streaming services
    • Internet
    • Lockers for valuables 
    • Kitchenette with microwave
    • Games and activities available
  • Planned activities on some nights for staff
    • For example:
      • Pool parties
      • Movie nights
      • Game nights
      • Specialty food 
      • Tie Dye
  • Periodic access to program areas during your time off
    • Lake
    • Ropes Course
    • Pool
  • Support staff are welcome to join in all camp activities on their time off
    • Talent Shows
    • All Camp Dances
    • Other evening camp programs