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Camper Life-Cycle

Freshmores – Entering grades 2-4


The Freshmore division is home to Perlman Camp’s youngest campers. During the summer, Freshmore campers enjoy a well-rounded view of all program areas, with a particular focus on building relationships and developing new skills. Many Freshmores are away from home for the first time, and counselors make sure all campers get the attention and care needed to have a successful first summer at camp.

Freshmore campers participate in all of the Perlman Camp activities. Out-of-camp trips include a visit to either a waterpark or amusement park, along with a one-night camping trip.

Your first-time Freshmore camper has the option of coming to camp for our two-week Rookie program. Families can choose to extend a Rookie experience for the remainder of the session, in consultation with the camp staff. Please note that this two-week Rookie option is only available for a camper’s first summer at camp.

Juniors – Entering grades 5-7


The Junior division includes middle school aged campers, and offers a unique experience to learn new skills, further develop existing skills and create relationships in a safe and supportive environment. These years often produce the most growth and development in our campers during these years, and counselors focus closely on creating positive relationships between campers in the bunk.

Junior campers participate in a variety of camp activities that provide an opportunity to interact and socialize with other campers in a supervised setting. In addition to the bunk and hobby programming, your Junior camper will also participate in a trip to a waterpark or amusement park, and a one-night camping trip.

Seniors – Entering grades 8-10


The Senior division is the oldest of our camper divisions. Senior campers experience a program that is specifically designed to create the most enjoyable camp experience for this age group, while providing opportunities to grow leadership skills.

A combination of classic Perlman Camp programming, Senior-only Electives, and exciting out-of-camp trips accomplishes this balance.

The Seniors experience at Perlman Camp is steeped in amazing rites of passage and your camper will love being part of the 68 years of tradition.

Teen Leadership – Acceptance based program for campers entering grades 11 and 12

The Perlman Camp Teen Leadership Program strives to build, strengthen and develop our participants, both as individuals and as a team, with the skills, knowledge and experiences necessary to prepare them to become active Jewish leaders at camp and in their communities at large.

Pioneer Program – Entering grade 11


The Pioneer program is the first year of a two-year Teen Leadership curriculum. The seven-week program focuses on leadership skill development, community-building, and developing outdoor skills. The Pioneers live in a village of platform tents, cook many of their own meals and create much of their own programming. The experience is centered on team building, responsibility for one another and further exploration of each Pio’s Jewish identity. Three weeks of the summer are spent in Israel, on a program designed to strengthen the Pioneer’s knowledge and connection to Judaism and the State of Israel.

Staff-in-Training (SIT) Program – Entering grade 12


The Staff-In-Training (SIT) program further develops the leadership and teambuilding skills taught in the Pioneer program. SITs continue to strengthen the necessary skills to become effective counselors, role models and Jewish leaders. Transferrable skills such as communication, problem-solving, decision-making, conflict resolution, and learning from feedback benefit the SITs both in and out of the camp environment. Please note that participation in the Pioneer program is not required, although strongly encouraged.

To learn more about the Teen Leadership Program, including how to apply, please visit our Teen Leadership Program page.