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Health, Safety & Nutrition

The health and safety of our campers and staff is our number one priority.

Your family can work with our veteran medical staff in the months leading up to summer to make sure that any medical needs can be accommodated. During the summer, your camper will receive individual attention and treatment whenever necessary. At each hobby activity area, there are set policies and procedures for safety. All safety and protective equipment is provided by camp and required to be worn at appropriate sporting activities.


Health & Wellness


Our Health Center includes a triage area, air-conditioned treatment rooms and 14 beds for campers-in-need. Your family will receive the highest level of service from the Health Center staff, a round-the-clock team of three registered nurses, a licensed physician, and a health center manager. Additionally, your camper will have access to two local clinics and a fully equipped hospital and emergency room, should the need arise.

All program areas around camp are stocked with first aid kids for any minor needs. Epi-pens are kept in our health center, dining hall, and at the lake and pool in case of an allergic reaction. On all out-of-camp trips, counselors bring along an emergency backpack which has all camper health forms and emergency medications (inhalers, epi-pens), which are available at a moment’s notice.

All camper medications, except emergency inhalers and epi-pens, are kept with the nurses and dispensed at meals and before bed. Your family will partner with Pack My Rx to ensure campers’ medication is sent to camp in pre-packaged labeled envelopes.

In addition to our Health Center team, Perlman Camp has a Social Worker on-site who is available at times. The social worker’s role is to work directly with campers who need extra support, as well as helping our counselors to manage group dynamics within the bunk group. The social worker meets with each group of bunk counselors prior to the campers’ arrival to discuss any special situations within the bunk and provide additional support as needed. Parents with concerns are encouraged to speak with our social worker prior to the start of camp to create a plan to ensure your child’s success.


helmetOur staff are trained to ensure the safety of our campers at all times. We practice fire, extreme weather, waterfront, and other emergency drills on a routine basis. Perlman Camp has a gated entrance and visitors must check in at the front office and are required to wear camp issued bands at all times. Perlman Camp undergoes an annual insurance safety audit and works closely with our local law enforcement to ensure our procedures remain up to date.



Excellent supervision is a cornerstone of the Perlman Camp experience. Most bunks house a maximum of 12 campers and 4 counselors, depending on overall bunk numbers. The Perlman philosophy of supervision is based on appropriate, full-time supervision at all times. This includes activities, meals, programs, out of camp trips, informal and free time activities. Our staff are the very best in the business, and our selection process is extremely competitive. We demand trustworthiness, enthusiasm, creativity, responsibility, and dependability from our staff. The ability to adapt to a variety of situations, function under pressure, work well with others, and care for children are important characteristics for all of our camp staff. We look for individuals with a strong self-image, outgoing personality, fun nature, and demonstrated leadership capabilities.

Food & Nutrition


We know that food is critical to a successful summer for our campers, and we take pride in our nutritious and delicious meals! Perlman Camp is a Kosher facility that only serves foods that have been produced under rabbinical supervision. The meals we offer are prepared fresh daily and served family-style from our kitchen. Our menu is reviewed annually by a food service professional, and the three-week rotating menu ensures something for every taste.

In addition to the main entrees at every meal, we have a breakfast bar that includes oatmeal, fruit and yogurt. At lunch and dinner our well-stocked salad bar includes fresh vegetables, fruit, and all the toppings you could desire. A sandwich station with sun-butter and jelly is available at all mealtimes as well.

We accommodate campers with a variety of food allergies, intolerances, and special food needs. Our kitchen staff are able to provide vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and other allergen-free meals. The Perlman Camp kitchen does not prepare any meals with peanuts or tree-nuts. If your child has special food needs, please contact us to discuss your individual situation.


Perlman Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA). This accreditation assures families that camps have made the commitment to a safe, nurturing environment for their children. For more information about ACA accreditation, click here. Perlman Camp is also part of the Association of Independent Jewish Camps (AIJC), which unites us with other independent Jewish camps who believe in excellent child care, world-class programming and inclusive Jewish programming.