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Facilities & Location

Perlman Camp is located on 400 pristine acres in the Pocono Mountains. Tucked away in Lake Como, Pennsylvania, your camper will wake up each day in world filled with beautiful trees, a private spring-fed lake, and natural wonders that are often taken for granted in our city lives.

Perlman Camp is dedicated to continuously upgrading all of our facilities. We recently invested over $4 million dollars into our campsite to ensure that it exceeds the expectations of our campers, families and staff! Within the last few years we have renovated all of our camper bunks, redone our dining hall and rec halls to include central air conditioning, and upgraded programmatic areas. A board approved strategic site plan is in place to continue to take care of our amazing property.

We are conveniently located within easy driving distance of Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, and New York. For detailed driving directions, please click here. See our Travel to Camp page for information about getting your child to camp.