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Packing for Camp

Click the packing list to download and print for easy packing! 

Perlman Camper Packing List


Additional Items to Consider

White Top Shabbat

Shabbat is a very special time at camp. Perlman’s white-top Shabbat sets the mood with a fresh, peaceful, and unified feeling on Friday nights. All campers must participate in white-top Shabbat, and have on a white shirt, sweater, or dress to wear on Friday nights. Don’t forget your fun dress up clothes to change into after for Israeli dancing!

Water Bottles

Water jugs are placed around camp for the camper’s convenience. Campers are required to bring two of their own labeled, refillable water bottles to camp.

Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is available for all camp athletic activities. If you prefer, you may bring your own gear from home – tennis racquet, fishing rod, baseball glove, shin guards, cleats (no metal spikes), lacrosse stick, personal protection items,  etc.


Laundry is sent out every week on Thursday morning and is returned on Friday afternoon. The packing list allows your camper to have enough outfits to last while our clothes are being cleaned. Laundry is sent out and returned as a bunk group (counselors will separate darks & whites). Please ensure every item sent to camp is labeled with your child’s name (socks included!)