COVID-19 Testing, Health Checks & Pre-Camp Behavior - Perlman Camp
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COVID-19 Testing, Health Checks & Pre-Camp Behavior


Testing will be required FOR ALL CAMPERS, REGARDLESS OF VACCINATION STATUS. Campers must show proof of a PCR Test performed no earlier than the Thursday (June 24) before camp begins. Perlman has a number of partnerships to make this process as simple as possible.

OPTION 1: PM Pediatrics

We have partnered with PM Pediatrics to provide convenient local options for in-person testing prior to your arrival at camp. Families will need to set up a pre-screening telehealth appointment and then visit a PM Pediatrics location on Thursday, June 24th for their test. They have set up specific hours and locations which will be open only to Perlman families (most are times these locations are closed to the public). These results will be reported directly to camp in addition to the parents. These tests will be billed to your insurance plan, and you may be responsible for a co-pay. Click here for all the details. To register for an appointment, visit

OPTION 2: At-Home Mailed Test Kit

Northshore Clinical Labs will mail test kits to families who prefer to perform their tests at home. The kit will come with detailed instructions for parents to swab their campers and return the kit via FedEx. These tests MUST be swabbed and dropped off at a FedEx location on Thursday, June 24. These results will be reported directly to camp in addition to the parents. These tests will be billed to your insurance plan, and you may be responsible for a co-pay.

OPTION 3: Test on your Own

If you have a preferred provider (pediatrician, local urgent care or test center, etc.) for a COVID-19 test, you may get your own test performed. Tests must be done no earlier than the Thursday before camp. You will be responsible for uploading your test results or bringing them with you to camp, and you will not be permitted to drop your child off without this in hand.

Please fill out the Pre Camp Testing Options Form in your Parent Portal to let us know which testing option you plan to utilize.


Families should consider getting their child a PCR test 12 days before camp begins if there is any possibility they could have been asymptomatically infected with COVID. If the test is positive, the camper will have 10 days to isolate before camp begins.


All campers will be tested at camp on or around Day 3, Day 6, and Day 10.  Surveillance testing may be performed weekly throughout the rest of the summer. These tests will be performed by Northshore Clinical Labs, and will be billed through your health insurance. There will be no out-of-pocket cost to families for this testing.


Health Checks & Pre-Camp Low Risk Behavior


A Health Check form (sent to you later) will give you a preview of the questions our campers will be asked upon arrival at camp and on a daily basis throughout the summer. We recommend you use the Health Check form questions as a guide to practice asking questions with your child for several days prior to your arrival.


7-10 days prior to arriving at camp, we ask that staff, campers, and their families do the following, even if they are vaccinated:

  • Avoid large group events, such as weddings, graduations, proms, parties, etc.
  • Avoid crowded stores and businesses
  • Avoid eating out at restaurants, particularly indoors
  • Stay home as much as possible [this does not include attending school, but does include extracurricular activities].
  • Wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart whenever around people other than your immediate family, even if you are vaccinated.