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Communicating with Camp

Photos and Videos

This year, parents will continue to be able to find all 2021 photos and videos on Facebook. Parents will be able to tag their campers and download photos for free. Albums will be grouped by date and activity, and accessible only to current camp families who are Facebook friends of camp director Rachel Levine. You can friend request Rachel at

How do I get in touch with camp?

Parents are always welcome to call or email our camp office, directors, or leadership staff. We are happy to discuss how your camper is doing and address any of your questions or concerns. You can reach our camp office at (570) 635-9200.

Communicating with Your Camper


Parents can send 1-way e-mails to their campers through the CampInTouch Parent Portal. E-mails will be delivered with your camper’s mail. When sending an e-mail, if desired, select the “handwritten e-letter reply” box. This will allow your camper to create a hand-written response that will be scanned to your CampInTouch account. Please send emails the evening before the day you want your child to receive them, as we print emails in the morning and they are delivered during Rest Hour.

Regular Mail

Mail from you and other friends and family is very important to your child. Please write often. It’s a great idea to have a letter sent before your child arrives. You will receive an e-mail on the first night of camp noting your child’s safe arrival, as well as bunk information. Once you know your child’s cabin, please include it on the envelope. 

Campers are required to write a letter twice a week. Please make sure you send your child with envelopes, stamps, paper, and a pen or pencil to write these letters. Please don’t be alarmed if you don’t hear from your child for a couple of days; the post office near camp traditionally takes longer for outgoing mail!

Please address all mail to the following:

Camper’s Name (ex. Joe Camper)

Bunk (ex. B1, G8, Pio Village)

Perlman Camp

661 Rose Hill Road

Lake Como, PA 18437

You will find our your child’s bunk after they arrive at camp. Don’t worry – any mail sent without a bunk number will still reach your camper.


Based on feedback from our community, as well as our desire to keep campers focused on being present at camp and less distracted by material items, care packages are not accepted at camp. Only flat envelopes, such as 8″x10″ or 9″X12″ mails, FedEx, UPS or USPS envelopes are permitted. Anything larger will be marked “Return to Sender” and sent back. Items such as magazines, Mad Libs, photos, or newspaper clippings are still great things to send your child, however food and any contraband items will be confiscated. Please share this information with family members and friends so they will not be disappointed when certain items are not delivered to your camper. If your child forgot an item that must be sent, please contact us so we can make sure it is received.

Telephone Calls & Birthdays at Camp

If your child has a birthday at camp, we will contact you in advance to arrange a time for a birthday call. On their birthday, your child will receive a treat from the kitchen and we will sing Perlman’s version of the “Happy Birthday” song!

Due to the sheer volume of potential calls, campers will not be able to call home for parent or sibling birthdays, anniversaries, etc. but they will be invited to make signs and take special photos that will be uploaded to CampInTouch.

VIRTUAL Visiting Day

In order to ensure we keep the camp quarantine “bubble” intact, visitors will not be permitted this summer. We are working on plans for a Virtual Visiting Day for our Full-Summer campers. More information will be shared soon!