By Louis Stromberg


For the past year and a half, I’ve been a fellow in the Yitro Leadership Program through the Foundation for Jewish Camp. I’ve been working with 20 other Assistant Camp Directors from Jewish Camps around North America to enhance the Jewish life here at Perlman. I’ve got a ton of new ideas for camp including some great new programs.

Louis and his Yitro Advisor Sharon, posing with Rachel outside of the C-Lo during Summer 2016.

Anyway, here we go- top 3 things Yitro taught me:

  • We are lucky to be apart of such an amazing camp community. I always found myself telling the other camp directors what Perlman does so well and everyone was always in awe when they hear about how special our community is (Israeli dancing, Maccabiah, the village) those things are special to Perlman and I loved sharing them with the rest of the Yitro fellows.
  • Middot is happening on a day-to-day, minute to minute basis at camp. It doesn’t just happen during bunk activities with Candice (which don’t get me wrong, that’s great too #Candice). For instance, we practice Shleimut (whole & at peace) with Amber #namaste at the yoga hobby…Also, Chesed (kindess) is happening all the time with every interaction, Netzach (perseverance and grit)…I think of Spencer trying to hold the canoe paddle in the dining hall during Maccabiah), or our seniors who show tons of grit getting those fires up at the rope burn. Also, Sameach (joy) not much needs to be explained here. Just look around Doug’s Field when everyone gets off the buses on the 1st day…I am going to go ahead and say Sameach is through the roof.
  • Live everyday at home and at camp with Hakarat Hatov (gratitude). Be thankful for what you have and what you get to experience every summer.

Hope to see you soon EITHER in the UK, or at the reunion. Otherwise I will see you opening day of #Perlman2017! We’re well under 200 days now…

Shabbat Shalom Perlman Camp!


PS. I taught the Shelly Belly to everyone in Yitro and now the Shelly Belly will take place at camps all over the country! img_9128