Emily Berner (left) with Julia Schultz (right) both first year counselors this summer.

It’s me again, Emily Berner. This time I’m here to talk about my internship that I have been doing with camp for the past six weeks. I have had the wonderful opportunity to drive to the office everyday to see Louis, Jacklyn, Jake, Rachel, and Lynn to help everyone get ready for camp and make sure everything falls into place.

I planned great activities, hobbies, and evening programs with Louis, as well as made an awesome dining hall playlist that you will all love. With Jackie I worked on social media posts and campaigns. I worked on forms and organizing with Jake. And with Rachel I did research on synagogues that our campers belong to as well as other Jewish camps in our area.

The internship was mostly what I expected it to be, however I was expecting everyone to be in the office all of the time. The full time team is very dedicated to growing the size of camp, and if that means driving a few hours to meet with a potential camper and their family for a couple of hours and then driving back, then that is what they will do. Due to all of this travel it is not often that the full team is in the office, which was unexpected.

In my six weeks at the office I was able to see how much work is put into making camp run flawlessly over the summer. In order to make camp run smoothly it really does need the 10 months in between summers to debrief, plan, register kids, hire staff, and way more than you can imagine. I can’t wait to everyone this summer at camp with this new perspective. Get excited because this is going to be the best summer yet!

We would love to give Emily a HUGE thank you! She just spent the last 6 weeks in the office with the full time team. Emily has been a huge help and her hard work helped us prepare for the 2016 camp season.