Welcome to the first edition of The Canteen Corner. We are so excited to share with you our first Perlman Camp blog post!

We thought a blog was the perfect way to share more news from our community, updates of the renovations and all other Perlman Camp happenings!

Each month, expect a monthly post where you will find Perlman community updates as well as birthday shout-outs! We’ll also be blogging periodically throughout each month, so look out for guest writers from our full-time staff, Alumni, current campers and more.

Well, lets get started then!

Construction Update

As you know, we are currently undergoing a multi-year renovation project to upgrade our camp facilities. This year you saw our beautiful new air-conditioned dining hall and completely rebuilt tennis courts. This year we are excited to announce a number of exciting renovations, including our performing arts space in Sobel Hall, upgrades to our girls bunks, and more!

Here’s the update on what has happened since we left camp last month…

We are almost finished renovating the first of our girls’ bunks, including adding insulation and more ventilation, replacing the windows, and rebuilding the shower and cubby areas. We look forward to posting our first photos of the newly completed bunks in the coming weeks!

In Sobel Hall news, we prepared for the start of renovations by taking down all of the Maccabiah plaques we’ve accumulated over the years (don’t worry, they’ll be back!). It’s looking a bit empty at the moment, but we can’t wait to share with you the updates as the work gets started – which will include air conditioning, new flooring, a renovated stage and all new lighting and sound system!

 Sobel Hall

Birthday News

Every month at Perlman Camp is a special month, but September was EXTRA special, do you know WHY Perlman Camp??? Because it was a bunch of our campers birthdays!!!

We want to wish a very warm Happy Birthday to our September Birthdays!

  • Abigail J.
  • Alex H.
  • Cayla E.
  • Dan B.
  • Danielle F.
  • Debra G.
  • Elad W.
  • Eve L.
  • Gianna B.
  • Henry W.
  • Ilay G.
  • Inon G.
  • Jason B.
  • Jonathan G.
September News from the Perlman Community

  • Congratulations to Sam Farer for becoming Vice President of his local USY Chapter!  In more Farer news, Louis Farer is now working as a Teacher Assistant at his synagogue and has joined the future doctor’s club at school! (Louis Farer for Camp Doctor- Summer 2029? It could happen!)
  • Logan Judelsohn is keeping his school safe by being a Patrol for Stone Mill Elementary School and Lily is staying active by participating in Girls on the Run (GOTR). Go Lily!
  • Mason ‘Moose’ Moore has accepted a position to become the Development Intern for Perlman Camp!  He’ll be working on supporting the Perlman Annual Campaign! S….I…..T! S…..I……T!
  • Perlman Alum Steph Ozner has recently been named Youth Director at Hewlett East Rockaway Jewish Center! Congrats Sozner, we love that you are making a positive impact in the Jewish Community!
  • Mazel Tov to Perlman Alumni Olivia Slusher and Mark Davidson on their wedding this past August. Below is a photo of the entire Perlman Camp crew at their wedding.

 Slusher and Davidson Wedding with campers

  • Jessica Buttigieg and Russell Hay met at Perlman in 2006 and got married in Australia this month. Below is a photo of all the Perlman Camp friends at their wedding, and a photo of the Husband and Wife.

 Buttigieg and Hay wedding with campers

Buttigieg and Hay

Thank you for reading our first post, and look out for more each month. If you would like to be featured in one of our monthly posts or would like to write a guest blog entry, let us know! You can reach us at info@perlmancamp.org or give us a call in the office at 301-231-5300.