“Through this inevitable lens, I can stay connected to the greater Perlman Camp kehila (community) in a way that is stronger and closer than ever before.”

-Allison Brustman, Pioneer ’10

Allison is an incoming J.D. Candidate at Brooklyn Law School. She has spent eleven summers at Perlman from 2004-2015 as a camper, bunk counselor, Assistant to the Judaics Director, and Staff-In-Training Director. Her little sister, Marci (pictured above) is a first year staff member this summer.

My career choice entails that I spend the next many summers at a law office. Each summer, I mindfully mark the days of the season by Perlman Camp session milestones. While I enjoy a morning coffee, hobby wheel is simultaneously taking place; Visiting Day marks the midway point of the summer season; a 2:00pm tiredness comes about around the same time as Rest Hour; the break of Maccabiah means it’s time to savor the last few days of summer.

As a Perlman Alumni in 2017, I follow Perlman Camp on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Through live action video on social media platforms, I can turn to the Perlman world for an instant, on a stressful work day, and feel like I am participating in Flagpole or attending a luau by the Lake with my past campers*.

Through this inevitable lens, I can stay connected to the greater Perlman Camp kehila (community) in a way that is stronger and closer than ever before. These photos and videos that appear on my newsfeed are a constant reminder of how special and holy Perlman Camp is to so many people, and therefore bolstering my duty to ensure the future of the rich traditions and legacies of Perlman Camp. I owe it to the place that taught me to coexist, to be independent, to be flexible. Lessons learned by living in a bunk with people from all over the world, participating the soccer hobby even though your bunkmates are interested in ceramics, or planning rainy day activities on the fly as a counselor directly apply to the scenarios that test maturity, professionalism and the becoming of an impactful citizen of the world in adulthood.

Perlman Camp has the means to hire the best, most qualified staff to carry out its mission and bring together the Perlman kehila in the most effective way possible. For alumni, this means that we are offered an opportunity to taste Perlman Camp for more than just a moment on our social media, but rather face to face at the annual Alumni Weekend. Although we grow older and apart, Alumni Weekend connects Perlmanites, old friends and new, as if we have never left. I hope to see many familiar faces as well as make new Perlman connections at this year’s Alumni Weekend, August 11-13. Together we will celebrate the legacy of Perlman Camp as well as the 2017 Perlman summer session that was experienced by the future members of the Perlman Camp Alumni Association.

*Past campersSome of whom are now Staff, one of whom is my little sister, all of whom I adoringly watch grow up into amazing Perlmanites and people.


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