Perlman Camp is thrilled to announce the creation of the Sheila L. Berner Memorial Fund.  Thanks to the generosity of the Berner Family, this fund will invest $250,000 over the next three years to grow and strengthen Perlman’s Teen Leadership Program.

The engagement of Jewish teens is a critical part of the long-term sustainability of the Jewish people, and Perlman Camp has identified a robust Teen Leadership Program as a keystone component in camp’s long-term stability. Teen Leadership graduates learn to apply the “Perlman Way” to our three strategic pillars: excellent childcare, inclusive Judaics, and world-class programming.

Campers of Teen Leadership grads benefit from a strong Teen Leadership Program through an improved camp experience. In addition, the success of this program creates a virtuous cycle: campers aspire to participate in the Teen Leadership Program, TLP participants learn the “Perlman Way” and aspire to be counselors, TLP graduates embody the “Perlman Way” and create an excellent experience for their campers, who then aspire to the Teen Leadership Program. With strong supervision and guidance, this model continues in a self-reinforcing manner to create a long-term stability in Perlman’s staff and camper community.

In order to grow our Teen Leadership Program into a robust engine of stability, Perlman recognizes five areas of investment: Program, Staffing, Capital, Scholarship, and Program Participation.  This initiative identifies investment opportunities across all five areas that will combine to create a significantly larger impact than a focus on any one area by itself.

Sheila Berner was a dedicated supporter of B’nai B’rith, Camp B’nai B’rith and Perlman Camp for decades. All three of her sons attended camp, as well as 9 of 13 grandchildren.  The Berner Family’s long history with Perlman Camp has created a deep connection with the organization, the community it has created, and its potential for creating future Jewish leaders – both within camp and in the broader Jewish community.

In honor of the passing of Sheila L. Berner and in recognition of the importance of Jewish teen engagement, the Berner family has partnered with Perlman Camp to create an ambitious plan to advance Perlman’s Teen Leadership Program.  The Sheila L. Berner Memorial Fund will allow Perlman to stengthen the Teen Leadership Program while honoring the memory of a lifelong supporter of camp, and a dearly missed member of our community.

Sheila’s legacy will be incredibly impactful on both the current Perlman community and Perlman’s long-term sustainability, and we are deeply grateful for the Berner Family’s generosity and support.

To learn more about the Sheila L. Berner Memorial Fund, or to inquire about additional opportunities to invest in the future of Perlman Camp, please contact Marc Altman.