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Siman Tov umazel tov! סימן טוב ומזל טוב!

Hello Perlman friends and family – I’m Candice Goldstein, Perlman’s Judaics Director, with an exciting update from camp…

We had our first Bar Mitzvah at camp this summer! Zachary Fisher’s Bar Mitzvah was a beautiful celebration beginning Friday evening at the menorah lighting, where Zach had the honor of lighting the menorah. Zachary’s bunks led the services Friday night, and the whole camp helped Zach celebrate by dancing the Hora during Israeli dance.

The Saturday morning service was complete with the Torah reading, the processional of the Torah, and singing and dancing with the Torah. Zach’s bunk once again lead services, and to complete the Torah service, Zach’s dad raised the Torah for everyone to see!

Saturday evening, we held a candle lighting ceremony and celebrated Havdallah as a community. And to top off the celebrations, there was a real live DJ dance party and a surprise Ben and Jerry’s truck for a special treat!

We are beyond proud of Zachary and his bunk. The boys practiced during multiple rest hours, and one of Zach’s counselors took it upon himself to work with Zach regularly to help him feel prepared. The bunk made a bunk plaque for his wall at home, and his Shabbat family made a challah cover to bring home. In addition, Zach completed a Mitzvah Project for Perlman’s Annual Campaign, raising over $800 in scholarship to help families in need afford an amazing Perlman summer!

Celebrating Zach’s Bar Mitzvah at camp was a wonderful opportunity for the whole camp community to participate in this great life cycle event. We can’t wait to celebrate many more beautiful simcha’s in the summers ahead!