We are thrilled to announce that Perlman Camp is the recipient of a $30,000 grant to improve our Lakefront in 2015. This project has been made possible by a grant from the Foundation for Jewish Camp through the Gottesman Fund Camp Waterfront Improvement Program. Please see the official press release below:

Rachel Levine

Foundation for Jewish Camp

The Gottesman Fund Improves Jewish Camp Lakefronts

Foundation for Jewish
Camp Receives Grant for Waterfront Improvement Program

April 14, 2015(Lake Como, PA) –
With the generous support of The Gottesman Fund, the Foundation for Jewish Camp is pleased to award Perlman Camp a grant as part of the Gottesman Camp Waterfront Improvement Program. This competitive program enables camps to maintain the beauty of their natural resources,and remain attractive and competitive in today’s camp market.

The Gottesman Camp Waterfront Improvement Program was established in 2012 to respond to the important needs faced by many Jewish camps which have seen the beauty and usefulness of
their lakes and lakefronts adversely impacted by environmental factors. This year’s grants will facilitate the improvement or expansion of lake infrastructures at six Northeastern camps in order to better serve their campers, expand their programmatic offerings, and attract new families.

“We are pleased to support the preservation and maintenance of these beautiful lakes ensuring that each camper may enjoy and appreciate the gifts nature offers” said Alice Gottesman, Vice President of The Gottesman Fund.

“The lake and waterfront sports are an integral element of the camp experience for many campers,” explains Jeremy J. Fingerman, CEO of FJC.  “This initiative will enable camps to offer the highest quality facilities and activities in the extremely competitive camping market.”

Attendance at camp is a proven avenue for long-term Jewish engagement. According to CAMP WORKS, FJC’s 2011 study on the long-term impact of Jewish camp, alumni are more likely to
participate in many important areas of Jewish life. For example, as adults, campers are 30% more likely to donate to a Jewish charity; 37% more likely to light Shabbat candles; and 45% more likely to attend synagogue monthly or more.  Additionally, they are 55% more likely to be very emotionally attached to Israel.

“We are so grateful to the Gottesman Fund and the Foundation for Jewish Camp for making this grant possible. The lakefront is one of the most heavily trafficked areas in camp, and these funds will allow us to significantly increase the size of our beach, add new equipment to our program, and beautify the entire area. We can’t wait to for our campers to rediscover their love of the waterfront. We know this project will help increase overall satisfaction at camp and help keep our retention rates rising!” said Rachel Levine, Director of Perlman Camp.


The Foundation for Jewish Camp (FJC) is the only public organization dedicated solely to nonprofit Jewish overnight camps. FJC employs a variety of strategies toward a single goal: to increase the number of children in Jewish summer camps.  To this end, the Foundation creates inspiring camp leaders, expands access to and intensifies demand for camp, and develops programs to strengthen camps across the Jewish spectrum in North America. Through strategic partnerships on local and national levels, FJC raises the profile of Jewish camp and serves as a central resource for parents and organizations alike.  FJC works with more than 155 camps, 77,000 campers, and 11,000 counselors across North America each summer to further its mission.  


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