Perlman Camp, I am thankful for you!

Julia (left) is a Clinical Research Coordinator in the Maternal Fetal Medicine ward at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. She has spent nine summers at Perlman from 2006-2009 as a camper and from 2011-2015 as a staff member and Division Leader.

By Julia Siegal

It is impossible not to be thankful this time of year. Whether you are thankful that the humidity of summer is finally gone for good; thankful that our favorite television shows are back; or thankful for Football Sundays, there is a lot of thanks to be had during this time of year. The cheer of the holiday season is contagious. Families and friends across the nation put their individual worlds on pause to come together for the pure purpose of celebrating and saying thanks. Like many others, I will be saying thanks with my family on Thursday, the 24th, but the following is my thanks to my Perlman family:

I am extremely thankful for Perlman Camp. I am thankful for the skills I learned as both a camper and a counselor at Perlman. For example, I can tell you every Final Four team for the last ten years thanks to College Day! I am thankful that I was able to learn about, and connect to, Judaism in a way that I had not experienced in my sometimes-monotonous Hebrew School classes growing up. I am undeniably thankful for the relationships that Perlman has given me over the last 10 years. My best friends, closest confidants, second siblings and favorite humans, are all Perlmanites. I am thankful for Perlman allowing me to cross paths with such intelligent, caring and hilarious people throughout the years. These global relationships have taught me the value of communication and the importance of maintaining relationships with the people you admire most. Thank you Perlman for teaching me what true friendship looks and feels like.

Last but certainly not least, I am, and will be, eternally thankful for finding a second home at Perlman Camp. There is no feeling like that of being at Perlman. Every time I return for a day or a weekend, I am instantly reminded of what it truly feel likes to be at home. I am so thankful, and so lucky, to have a place in this world where everyone becomes the best version of himself or herself. A place where everyone is working to make the community a better place-whether they realize it or not. In today’s world, I am thankful that hundreds are able to go to Perlman and live in its perfect world for even a short period of time. Having done this, I can safely say, the real world just needs more gaga!

Perlman, I am thankful for you- you rock, never change. (Unless you decide to start late wake-up everyday)