Samie Friedman celebrated her 8th summer at camp in 2016 as a Pio. Thank you to Samie and her entire family for all that they have brought to Perlman over the years.

The Gifts and Blessings Perlman Has Brought to my Life After 8 Summers!

By Samie Friedman

B’nai Brith Perlman Camp is my home away from home.

This past summer was my 8th summer attending camp. I feel very lucky to have attended this wonder place for so many years. This camp has been such a blessing in my life.

Perlman has given me the gift of friendships that will last forever. Camp has given me the best of friends, who I can count on all year round. The friends I have made at Perlman camp are more my family members than my friends. They continue to be there through thick and thin. I depend on them and can always count on them to make me smile when I am down.

Camp is also a blessing because everyone is so kind. Perlman has instilled many important principals in all campers. They teach campers to be kind and caring people. Campers go out of the way to make others feel included. When someone has a bad day people will ask you how you’re feeling. People genuinely care about your well being.

At Perlman everyone is one big family. It truly is the most magical place I’ve ever been. My favorite memories were made at Perlman and camp has shaped me into the person I am today.