Why Perlman is One of the Best Gifts I Have Ever Given my Children

By Candice Goldstein

The Goldstein Family celebrated their sixth summer at camp in 2016. Candice has been the Judaics Director at Perlman since her first summer. While Micah, Daphna and Koby have grown up spending nearly every summer of their lives at Perlman.

In 2016, our family celebrated their sixth summer at B’nai B’rith Perlman Camp. I celebrated my sixth summer as the Judiacs Director while my three kids Micah (11), Daphna (8), and Koby (6) celebrated their sixth summer as campers. Perlman Camp has given my family so many gifts and has brought us so much light.

Each of my children has been given so much through Perlman. To Micah the gift camp has given him is the ability to try new things like go on the Zipline. While Daphna and Koby feel like the greatest gift camp has given them is to meet new people. The counselors they have met and the friends they have made will last a lifetime. For Koby, he has been at camp for his entire lifetime.

Every Friday night as we enter Shabbat the Perlman community comes together to light the Menorah. As Koby reminded me, we are reminded of the miracle of Hanukkah every Friday night at camp. Even during the hot summer months in Lake Como, we are reminded of the Hanukkah miracle. For Micah the miracle of Hanukkah makes him think of camp because the oil lasted for eight days, while camp lasts eight weeks for some.

Camp is one of the best gifts I could have ever given my kids and myself.

The light of Perlman shines through our home 365 days a year, we wish our entire Perlman Family a Happy Hanukkah!