What Light Does Camp Bring to My Life?

By Josh Penny

JP comes all the way from Australia and has spent his last three summers with us in Lake Como. 2017 will be his fourth summer!

Camp friends are the best friends.

Camp has brought me many special things throughout my three Summers. The list goes on and on of what I have learned from camp. However, the best thing camp has taught me is about the importance of friendship. Camp friendships have brought so much light into my life. Friendships between staff and even campers have will shine bright the rest of my life.

Being able to experience and influence a campers summer and to see them grow and mature is very humbling. From the first day of camp to the last day of camp it is amazing to see how much campers grow.

My friendships from camp have brought light all over the world. Something that is so special. The fact that I have friends all over the world, some of who I don’t see throughout the year. Even though you may not see them for a year and we can always pick up where we left off. That makes camp feel like home.

Friendships are one of the many things that camp has brought into my life. My friendships have without a doubt brought much joy and light into my life over the last three years and counting.

That is what I love about camp, and that is what keeps me coming back year after year! See you this summer!

Happy Hanukkah!