The Miracles Camp Has Brought Us!

By Max and Brooke Dryerman

Max and Brooke Dryerman just finished their second summer at Perlman! We are so glad they are part of our Perlman Family, coming from Woodcliff Lakes, NJ!

Max (age 12): The gifts that camp gave me are great friends, a second home, and a camp family. My friends are fun, easy to hang out with, and everyone looks out for one another. We keep in touch all year long.  Camp is a second home because I feel cared for and safe and I feel comfortable there.  There is also good food most of the time. The camp family makes me feel cared for. The staff is very involved and fun. Shabbat is special because of the singing and dancing and I love my Shabbat family, Shimon! I can’t wait to go back to camp! Have a Happy Hanukah! 

Brooke (age 9): Camp helped me to be brave and whenever I try something new I can now remind myself that I am brave.  My miracle of Camp is that I was only supposed to stay for 4 weeks and I wound up staying for 7!  My first week I was scared because I barely knew anyone and I didn’t feel comfortable. Everyone at camp made me feel welcomed and safe, and on visiting day I begged my parents to stay!    I had made such great friends and I didn’t want to leave them.  Camp is like a second home because everyone at camp is like a huge family. At the end of camp I was so excited to win camper of the year!  It made me feel so good about myself and so happy that I stayed! I think everyone should go to Perlman Camp!