The Gifts Camp Has Given Us After One Summer

By Jack and Emily Pate

Jack and Emily Pate completed their first summer at Perlman in 2016. We are so grateful for the light they bring into our community!

Jack (age 13):  Being able to go to Perlman is one of the best gifts I could ever get. Whether it be the connection they give me to Judaism, the fun activities, or the amazing friends you can make. And to be honest if I could choose the friends that I would keep forever it would the ones at Perlman. In conclusion if you want to further your knowledge in Judaism and make the unbreakable bond of friendship, go to Perlman.

Emily (age 11): At Perlman I feel so happy and there is always something to do, I never get bored, I am so glad that I went, I have made so many friends, and  even though it was my first year the second I got home I wanted to go back. Perlman has so many fun things and traditions, for example there is mud day which in my opinion is one of the best things at camp. Just getting to be at camp and be with your friends, go to your activities, eating with your bunk, going to morning and evening activities with your bunk, and of course everything we do at shabbat is the best thing I did with my summer and a true gift!