Hannukah is best known as a holiday where we light the menorah, spin the dreidel, eat latkes, and receive nice gifts from our friends and family. For Perlman Camp, this year is about celebrating Hannukah by giving away 8 nights of prizes to our camp families.

It’s been so great to see how much camp has changed over the past couple of years, and how exciting it’s been to see returning and new campers join our camp community.  To thank all of our registered families, we felt it would be great to give you our present- Perlman Camp’s 8 Gifts for 8 Nights.

Each night of Hannukah, as we’ve been lighting the menorah in the full-time office, we’ve been randomly choosing families to receive gifts!

Here is what we’ve given away and here is what you can still win:

Night 1- Perlman Swag!

Nothing better than your own camp-kit of Perlman swagger. Sunglasses. Cups. Magnets. Show up with this amount of swagger on the first day of camp and you’re immediately a hero.

 -Congrats to Jason and Alex H! 

Night 2- Perlman Camp Blanket! Perfect for:

a) Overnights on Baldy

b) Senior Trips

c) Closing Campfire

d) Your couch (Sept- May)

e) All of the Above

-Congrats to Noah S!

Night 3- $50 Gift Certificate to Everything Summer!

Soooo much Perlman Swag on that website. Can fill up just about the whole packing list with this gift certificate.

-Congrats to Nadav and Harel S!

Night 4- $100 off Summer 2016 Tuition

Random Facts about the number 100

  • 100 years in a century
  • There are 100 breeds of cats
  • Speaking of cats- Cats can make 100 different sounds!
  • Winnie the Pooh lives in the 100 acre woods
  • It’s the amount of money we’re giving away on Night 4. Awesome!

        -Congrats to Andrew and Sevita B!

Still to be won…

Night 5- In-Camp Movie Night for your bunk on the NEW big screen in Sobel Hall

How sweet is that? New big screen, movie night, sobel hall partay for your camper and their bunk. Just can’t beat that.

*Picture below may or may not accurately represent Sobel Hall

Camp Movie Night


Night 6- Late-Night Bonfire, S’mores and Song Session for your bunk

An old-school camp favorite. Choose which fire-pit you’d like to do this at (I prefer the one on boys side), and the amount of s’mores you want (try and keep it under 10). Winner of the Night 6 raffle will most likely have some full-time staff joining (we love s’mores).

Late Night Bonfire


Night 7- Private BBQ Dinner at the Lake for your bunk

Imagine this- sunset at the lake, your own personal bunk-BBQ, and riding Big Bertha. I’m trying to think of a more fun way to spend dinner….nope not possible. This is great.

Private BBQ Dinner by the Lake


Night 8- $500 off Summer 2016 Tuition- The Grand Finale!

Good luck in the raffle and thank you for registering for summer 2016.

Summer Tuition Off


Happy Hannukah,