This Holiday season, alumni near and far reunited to share past memories and endless stories. Some CBB/Perlman alumni had not seen each other in almost a decade! Scroll through the gallery of memories made below to see all the fun had!


New York City Shabbat, 12/15

At the home of Corey Spevack and Rachel Hammer, alumni from the early to mid 2000’s gathered to celebrate Shabbat and the 4th night of Hanukkah!

Maryland Shabbat, 1/5

At the home of Candice Goldstein, alumni and current staff enjoyed homemade matzoh ball soup and chicken together as they brought in Shabbat.

Long Island Reunion, 1/6

At the home of Irene Goldberg Drantch and Bruce Drantch, alumni from the 60’s and 70’s gathered to reminisce of stories from the past and enjoy one another’s company!


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