We hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. In October, we shared construction updates,  community news, and awesome pictures of Perlman friends getting together. We have more of that to share this month, so lets get started…

#CAMPTSHIRTDAY How amazing was Camp T-shirt Day? We had so many of you send pictures in your #perlmanswag- please go back and check the Instagram  if you haven’t seen the pictures yet.

Below you will find the most adorable future Perlman camper and the winner of Camp T-Shirt day (if there was one) Little Shmuely!

Little Shmuely

REUNIONS Our Long Island and Maryland reunions were both a blast! It was so great getting together with everyone and catching up, and it got us excited for camp. There’s nothing better than bowling and Shabbat dinners with your camp friends! Check out photos from the NY reunion HERE and the MD reunion HERE

*and don’t forget our Philly reunion TONIGHT,  December 5th! RSVP HERE

New York/ Maryland Reunions

BUSY BUSY BUSY At the beginning of November our entire full-time team attended the J-Camp 180 conference in Springfield, Massachusetts. J-Camp is an organization that works with non-profit Jewish camps one-on-one with experienced consultants to help us fundraise and better our organization.  Our Assistant Director Jacklyn, has been participating in a program called JTEC with 10 other camping professionals over the last year. The program focused on marketing through technology and social media, in the context of not-for-profit camps. While at the conference she presented her final project.

2014 J-Camp

2014 J-Camp

AIJC We are excited to announce that we are one of the founding camps of the brand new Association for Independent Jewish Camps (AIJC).  The association creates an opportunity for independent not-for-profit Jewish camps to collaborate in our efforts to grow and thrive. At J-Camp 180, the AIJC had its first official meeting and we met with the 3 other camps who are involved. Check out the website at the link above to hear more!

CAMP FAIRS This month was also a kick-off into camp fair season! Jacklyn was in Westchester, NY and got to visit with the Stack family and Ariel Rehr!

Camp Fair in Westchester

Rachel attended camp fairs at Congregation Har Sinai in Owings Mills, MD and Shaare Torah in Gaithersburg, MD.

We have lots more camp fairs in the weeks and months ahead!  If you’re in the area on any of these dates please stop by to say hi:

  • Sunday December 7th– Kesher Israel Camp Fair- Westchester, PA with Louis
  • Sunday December 7th– Siegel JCC- Wilmington, Delaware (with special guest MOLLIE BERNER!)
  • Sunday December 14th– Hannah Senesh Hannukah Fair- Brooklyn, NY with Jacklyn
  • Sunday December 14th- Kane Street Synagogue Camp Fair- Brooklyn, NY (with special guests Rachel Hammer & The Duke Twins!)
  • Sunday December 14th– Beth Ahabah Hanukkah Fair- Richmond, VA with Jake
  • Sunday December 14th– Ambassador Meeting – Manalapan, NJ with Louis
  • Sunday December 21st– Park Slope Camp Fair- Brooklyn, NY with Louis
  • Sunday December 21st– Krieger-Schecter School Camp Fair – Baltimore, MD with Jacklyn


A long time Perlman Staff, Lander Gold Got married last month! His camp friend Elyse went to celebrate with him and his new wife, MAZEL TOV!

Gold couple dancing during their wedding

Campers Gold and Elyse


Talia Knopf became a Bat Mitzvah last month, and a bunch of her camp friends got together to celebrate!

Knopf Bat Mitzvah

Knopf Bat Mitzvah Campers

#THANKSPERLMAN Thank you for everyone who sent in photos over the break, hanging out with their Perlman Camp friends! To celebrate Thanksgiving, our full time staff shared with everyone their favorite part of their Turkey Day meal!

Rachel-“Pie of various types – particularly apple and pumpkin”
Stefan– “Stuffing, no question about it”
Jacklyn-“My grandmothers Broccoli Casserole”
Marc-“Turkey and stuffing and sweet potatoes and cranberries and appetizers and soup and pumpkin pie and pecan pie” (someone could not decide!)
Lynn-“Anything sweet potato!”
Jake-“My moms spinach casserole and the pumpkin torte”
Louis-”Stuffing! Is there ever a doubt? Always #1 in all of our hearts”

Check out some of the #thanksperlman photos here

Thanks Perlman Campers

Thanks Perlman Campers

Thanks Perlman Campers

Thanks Perlman Campers

Thanks Perlman Campers

BIRTHDAY SHOUT OUTS Happy Birthday to everyone in November!! Hooray! Will the following campers (and staff) please Skip Around the Room!

Liza A.

Bernie B.

Josh D.

Amy F.

Jacob G.

Brooke G.

Emily K.

Leah K.

Brad L.

Rachel L.

Nomi N.

Talya P.

Nathan P.

Lynn R.

Callie S.

Ben S.

Hailey S.

Darcy S.

NEXT TIME Keep an eye out for 2015 STAFF announcements , can you guess who is coming back and who is new this summer??

GUEST BLOGGERS We have 3 guest bloggers on the que, and you could be next! Please reach out if you’d like to write for the Canteen Corner, everyone is welcome.

Until next time Perlmanites…