Sam Feldman and Alexa Carmona: Spotify Superstars

During our time at Perlman, we found that we both shared a passion for music. From singing “Cry Me A River”, a nightly ritual, at 2 o’clock in the morning on the dock Pio summer, to writing the lyrics for our Pio alma mater, we knew that this was more than just a fleeting summer fling.

With Perlman being the bridge to what would become a beautiful friendship, we have had the opportunity to watch each other grow over the last 13 years. We both visited each other in Amsterdam and Rome when we were studying abroad in college. We’ve shared laughs, we’ve shared cries, and unforgettable memories. We have seen what one another has gone through and the only way we found we could make sense of all of this was through music.

No longer campers anymore, one summer night in 2016, we were jamming out in Sam’s basement. We had a melody looping on the keyboard over and over again. That’s when the first words came to me, “Tell me how it started, tell me how I lost it”. I turned to Sam, he didn’t have to say words, his expression was enough- I think we’re on to something. We worked until 3 o’clock in the morning that night and finished the foundation of the song, with lyrics and all.

This song meant so much to us as musicians and to our friendship, that naturally, we wanted to perfect this “Someone New” before we were to release what seemed to be the start of a legitimate music duo — That we were really doing this, and doing it the right way and not just uploading it to SoundCloud and calling it a day.

If it weren’t for Perlman Camp for sparking what came to be something more than just a friendship, but a meaningful bond, allowing us to share our love and passion for music, “Someone New” would have never been created. We definitely have more songs in store for the future and are excited to share them with all of you and continue down this path together.

Listen to the track “Someone New” on Spotify here.