Every summer, Neil Cohen and his son, Adam, return to Lake Como to relive the glory days. Alumni Weekend is an opportunity for decades of CBB/Perlman alumni to reunite to celebrate Shabbat by the menorah, Israeli Dance the night away, wake up for Saturday Softball, relax by the lake, and sit by the campfire. It’s a time to slow down, reflect, enjoy one another’s company, and share stories and memories. As Neil and Adam look ahead to Alumni Weekend 2018, they reflect on the memories they’ve made so far, and begin the countdown until we’re all together again. 
Pictured above: Neil (a waiter in 1974) and Adam (a Pioneer in 2004) have together spent decades as members of the CBB/Perlman family.
Neil, what does it mean to you to return to camp every summer with your son?

Time has evolved where there are few breaks in life. Society has created a culture where you need to be connected at all times including when you are sleeping. Each August for the last 4 years I’ve been privileged and blessed to have the opportunity to go back in time for a weekend when life was simpler. Driving up, stopping at Roscoe, driving through Hancock then passing by the railroad tracks with doors flung open, creates a feeling of euphoria knowing that peace and relaxation are near. I come to the Camp reunion to revisit my youth, to enjoy the simpler times and to see old faces who have the same feeling that I have. I am also blessed to be able to share this magical weekend with my son, Adam, who has the same reaction as his dad. It’s hard to explain what an amazing feeling it is to be able to share these moments with your oldest child. The craziness of life takes a 72 hour pause and for those of you that haven’t experienced it, you don’t know what you’re missing. Come back in time and visit this special place.

Adam, what keeps you coming back to camp every August to celebrate Alumni Weekend?

Alumni weekend is one of those events that you look forward to the day after the last ends.  I have been attending Alumni Weekend since I was six months old.  I remember learning to roller blade up and down the A-Lodge floors when I was a toddler.  It is when I learned to love this special place.

Growing up and being able to witness the special bond that my dad had and continues to have with his camp friends, made me know that was something I had to have with mine. Alumni Weekend gives me the chance to spend time with some of my best friends in a place that we all love so much.  What makes the weekend even more special is that I get to spend time with my father and his camp friends; seeing the generations intertwine, connected by the same experience no matter the age gap.  Camp is one place that has not changed and will bring back some of the greatest memories of your lives. I am counting down the days until August 10, 2018.

Registration is LIVE for Alumni Weekend 2018. If you have any questions, contact Mollie here.