Every summer, Perlman’s Annual Campaign hosts an Auction fundraiser to make sure that every camper can experience the magic of Perlman Camp!

As the start of the auction approaches, we hope to clarify a few frequently asked questions. Please see below and feel free to email Mollie at mollie@perlmancamp.org with any additional questions that we should add to the list.

Happy Bidding!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the auction raise money for?

All proceeds benefit the Perlman Camp Annual Campaign to ensure every child can afford a summer camp experience at Perlman, regardless of financial need. Last year, this auction raised over $20,000 towards the $225,000 of tuition assistance that allowed 77 campers to experience Perlman’s summer magic.

What is it?

This year’s auction is broken into two parts:

  • The Online Auction includes tickets to sporting events, concerts, vacations, and in-camp experiences for first and second sessions.
  • The Visiting Day Auction includes fun-filled baskets, gift cards, and raffle prizes.

Why do we do an online auction?

The online auction is a fun way for families to participate in their child’s summer, and to work with other bunk parents to win exciting in-camp experiences for their children’s bunks. The in-camp experiences are a wonderful bonding opportunity for campers and their bunks to try something extra to the daily schedule. The out-of-camp experiences are equally as valuable in scoring a great set of tickets or items for the whole family to enjoy!

We thank all participants in donating this gift to the community!

Are incamp experiences available both First and Second Session? What about for Full Summer campers?

Yes, they are! In hopes of squeezing in all of the fun and exciting prizes, bidding for First Session in-camp experiences starts June 18 at 9am and closes June 29 at 9pm. Bidding for Second Session in-camp experiences begins July 23 at 9am and closes July 27 at 9pm.

Full session families are encouraged to bid on both!

Will any incamp items be matched?

Due to constraints on scheduling and programmatic logistics, we are very limited in what matching opportunities we can offer. Please contact Mollie after bidding closes if you are interested in any matching opportunities.

If I have two kids in separate bunks, can I arrange for both bunks to receive an incamp experience?

Because of the constraints described in the question above, we encourage parents to bid on separate items for each child’s bunk. Once the bidding is closed, we will contact all winning bidders to confirm which bunk should receive each in-camp experience. Our program team will ensure that all campers’ experiences are scheduled before the summer is over!

Why do the out-of-camp items run the full length of the auction?

Most out-of-camp items are open for bidding for the full length of the auction to ensure that parents of both First and Second Session campers have an opportunity to bid on them. A few select items are connected to events that happen prior to the end of the auction, so bidding on those items close early.

Can parents coordinate to bid as a group for an in-camp experience for their children’s bunk?

Yes! There are several in-camp experience items offered for the entire bunk, and parents can join together as a group to bid on those items. If you’re interested in coordinating with the other parents in your camper’s bunk, please email Mollie who can help coordinate. She will provide you with a list of email addresses and a template to send out to the entire bunk!

Why do we do a Visiting Day auction?

The Visiting Day auction is a fun way for families to participate in winning prizes in-person while visiting camp for the day. You are invited to visit the tables outside the dining hall on Sunday, July 15th from 10am-2pm to bid on prizes.

We thank all participants in donating this gift to the community!

What types of items can I bid on at the Visiting Day auction?

The Visiting Day Auction consists of two types of items:

  • Buy-It-Now items: These items are gift cards and fun-filled baskets that you can take away same day! Gift cards include restaurants, spas and salons, and more! Baskets include a summer fun beach basket, a camp basket, a movie night basket, an arts and crafts basket, and more! You can either place a bid on these items throughout the day, or bid full-price to win it immediately.
  • Raffle items: This is the newest addition to Perlman’s Summer Auction. You can purchase raffle tickets when you arrive to Visiting Day and place your tickets on as many items as you want to win! Raffle item winners will be announced at Visiting Day closing ceremony.

How can you help?

We are so thankful for the donations that come from our community to support the Auction’s efforts. We are happy to collect items from you leading up to the auction! You can either mail items to our winter office up until June 1st, or send items up on the bus wth your camper!

If you’re thinking of items to send, here are some ideas!

Do you have connections in the sporting, entertainment, or restaurant industry?

Do you have items around your home that could fill a basket? These could are include but are not limited to: outdoor adventure items, boys and girls sports gear, spa items, and more! If you need ideas, contact us here.

Happy Bidding!