By Tess Isaacson, Perlman camper

As a competitive acrobat, my coach told me I would not be able to go back to camp last summer. Then my partner got hurt and we were not able to finish the season. The day that camp started and I could not be there was one of the hardest of the year for me…I had put so much effort into my sport and all of my friends were together at my favorite spot in the world – but without me. Then the best thing of all happened: my parents, together with Perlman’s staff, figured out a way that I could join all my friends at camp for Summer 2017.

I shrieked so loud when my mom told me I would in fact be able to go up to Lake Como after all. Because camp had already started, I decided not to tell any of my friends I was coming. Turns out, I wasn’t the only one who was going to be surprised!

I went from being really sad to truly over-the-top happy. I got to surprise my friends and they gave me the most amazing greeting. To experience that kind of reception, where my friends came running in full force (and even having one of my friends slide into the group to greet me like she was sliding into home-plate!), is truly something special and to be remembered. It really showed me that the friends I have made at camp are not like friends anywhere else. We have a bond from camp that is unbelievably special.

I can’t imagine any other place – where you can experience love, safety, adventure, Judaism and independence like what I have had at Perlman.


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