By Henry Weltman

Touring colleges can be an extremely stressful process, let alone attending college for the first time as you learn to navigate class schedules, a new campus, and all new peers. Similar to your first ever day as a camper or counselor, everything is new. Your room, your friends, where you are: It’s all new. Because of this, I decided to initiate Perlman’s first ever ‘College Champs’ program, linking Perlman campers, staff and alumni to one another on college campuses across the country. Now, wherever you go (let me know if you want to get your school involved!), you’re not alone as you’re a member of the Perlman Camp family — and it’s forever growing.

In the program’s initiation, 8 current staff and alumni on college campuses  serve as representatives for the College Champs group at their schools. This program’s mission, to strengthen our alumni network, seeks to ensure that each Perlman community member is welcomed on campus and has a community from the start.

Exciting events have already been hosted, such as at the University of Buffalo, where current staff and senior Jess Beris brought a group of alumni and current staff to enjoy Shabbat dinner together at Chabad on campus. Alumni and Tulane University student Cary Block continues to strengthen the group down in New Orleans with current staff members Tori Isaacson and Maya Tipiere by grabbing Sunday morning bagels. New York University current staff member and College Champ Marci Brustman, reflects on the program, saying “Being able to represent Perlman at NYU has been such a privilege. Providing an alumni network across schools is significant as it provides connections for future endeavors. I love being a resource for campers and staff in the New York City community!”

This program is exciting and full of opportunity. University of Michigan senior and alumni Emma Neuwirth is not only hosting Perlman alumni at her house for a get-together, but she also served as a fantastic resource for current high school senior Hannah Daniels, who visited Michigan last spring as one of her college choices. According to Hannah, Emma was able to “show me different aspects of the school that Emma knew I would especially appreciate because we knew each other so well.” She continued to say Emma “definitely enhanced my visit.”

These stories from across college campuses in the country, along with so many more that are to come, are what shows me how large Perlman Camp’s family truly is. The College Champs program has the ability to bring together and connect our camp community everywhere. As this program continues to grow and gain momentum, we hope to expand to any and all schools.

Recognize the faces currently serving as College Champs and want to be in touch for your next college visit? Want to become a College Champ at your school? To learn more, please contact Henry at