Hello from the first day of hobbies!

My name is Emily Berner, and I’m so excited to be the lacrosse specialist this summer! Although it will only be my first year as a staff member, this is my 12th summer at camp. Something that I’m really looking forward to, other than my lacrosse hobby, is Shabbat at camp. I love it when the whole camp gets together on Friday night dressed in white! Shabbat is a great time to recap and appreciate the people you love, and then you finish off the night with Israeli dancing, what could be better?

The lacrosse hobby was so much fun today and is going to continue to be throughout the whole summer! I cannot wait to see the improvement in all of the campers at lacrosse and all of the hobbies week to week. The lacrosse hobby is open to all skill levels and doesn’t just include building and improving upon the basic skills (i.e. passing, catching, cradling, scooping, and shooting), although there will be plenty of that. My goal for each hobby period is to improve campers’ fitness by playing interactive lacrosse games and having many friendly competitions. There will be plenty of time to go over the rules of the game and each camper will have the change to scrimmage against hobby-mates often.

I cannot wait to bond with all of the campers and have the best summer ever! #LaxHobbyPerlman2016