I am excited to introduce Lauren Liebstein! A long time Perlman camper and staff. She is very active on our Alumni Committee and wanted to give everyone a look into what they have been up to this year so far. ENJOY the read.

60th Anniversary Alumni Reunion

After getting together for the 60th anniversary alumni reunion over the summer, we decided why wait an entire year to reunite again? Since summer has ended and the warm weather and leaves are gone, the young alumni committee has been working hard to plan exciting activities for the Perlman Camp alumni community. In October, we hosted a happy hour at Pop Burger in Manhattan. It was so exciting to see 30 of our camp friends catch up over drinks and appetizers.

Campers at Pop Burger

Campers at Pop Burger

Just a few weeks later, friends came from near and far to celebrate Thanksgiving in New York. The young alumni committee brought 40 of our dearest camp friends together for another reunion and fundraiser at The Allie Way (owned by one of our own alumni members!). It was great to see everyone again. Some friends had come to the happy hour in October and others we hadn’t seen in a while. Everyone enjoyed reminiscing with friends and participating in the raffle. Raffle prizes included Perlman Camp duffle bags and front row seats at a NY Rangers game – congratulations to all of the winners!! We were also very lucky to have karaoke, singing camp songs including: the Cheers theme song, Run Around (Pios 2001 song), You Can Call Me Al, and many others. Most importantly, we were able to raise over $1800 for Perlman’s Scholarship Fund. The money provides financial assistance to Perlman Camp families. Not only is Perlman Camp thankful for the donations made, but the alumni are also very thankful that we were able to attend Perlman Camp and share all of the memories that we made over many years.
The Allie Way Fundraiser

Last month, we had a small Hanukkah party in Manhattan. Overlooking the Hudson River we ate latkes, played dreidel, and participated in a grab bag – everyone got awesome gifts! Once again, it was great to see our camp friends and share our favorite memories.

2014 Hanukkah Party

As we start a new year, I personally want to thank all alumni for participating in camp related  events and donating both money and time to support a place that is so special to all of us. I am excited to see all of you again this year, and please reach out if you want to get more involved!

Lauren Liebstein is a New York based speech-language pathologist. She provides speech therapy to children and adults with a variety of disabilities, some of which include: autism spectrum disorders, articulation disorders, speech and language delays, language learning disabilities, pragmatic language disorders, and cognitive impairments. Lauren sees clients on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and travels to see clients in various parts of NYC. In her free time, she works on planning new and fun activities for the Young Alumni Committee of Perlman Camp. Lauren can be contacted at laurenliebstein@gmail.com.

If you want to be more involved with the Alumni committee, please reach out to Marc Altman at marc@perlmancamp.org. And if you would like to write a blog for The Canteen Corner, reach out to info@perlmancamp.org