Staffing is crucial for Perlman Camp’s success, and we are proud to introduce the Summer 2023 Leadership Team! The positions and names listed below include skilled individuals passionate about Perlman Camp who are eager to supervise our counselors and program areas this summer. This team builds the foundation for the entire staff, and they also create a lively and safe environment for our campers to have the most incredible summer yet!

This list will be updated with other team members as we move closer to the summer.

Division Leaders

  • Freshmores – Ryan Ackerman
  • Juniors – Izzie Epstein
  • Seniors – Emma Neistat

Teen Leadership

  • Pioneer Director – Rachel Hodges
  • Pioneer Counselor – Grace Vilar
  • Staff-in-Training Director – Jeremy Lai

Camp Care Team

  • Marci Lisnitzer
  • Leiat Klarfeld
  • Lindsay Koosed

Program Director

  • Zoe Goodman

Program Assistant

  • Marti Kogan

Arts Director

  • Shiri Klarfeld Lidji

Athletics Director

  • Reut Vidro Klarfeld

Aquatics Director

  • Roy Gortler

Media Director

  • Heather Foster

Artist in Residence for Music

  • Zach Singer

Outdoor Adventure Director

  • Tal Nezry

Robotics and Technology Director

  • Dave Lisnitzer

Staff Engagement Coordinator

  • Marcia Rodriguez Lagunes

Operations Assistant & BBYO Liaison

  • Fern Barry

Head Nurse

  • Sara Wolfe

Kitchen Manager

  • Jeffrey Applebaum

Executive Sous Chef

  • Tristan Mendez

Sous Chefs

  • Leslie Hodges
  • Nasim Powell